Established in 1873, Freeman Street Market is located in the heart of Grimsby, and houses a wide selection of food and gift stalls, eateries, and office and meeting spaces.


Freeman Street Market

Freeman Street Market has undergone something of a transformation over the last 4 years and can now boast one of the highest occupancy rates for any high street retail centre in the area. The new stalls, floor, lighting and layout together with our 1 hour free parking help to ensure we attract 20% more customers than we did four years ago. A large emphasis has been placed on the social aspects of our market, we want our customers to shop, relax and enjoy the experience of one of Grimsby’s most long standing and famous landmarks. We also host a number of community events, international markets and crafts fairs, which contribute greatly to an already vibrant, friendly atmosphere.

Market Stalls

We have a number of fantastic opportunities for businesses wanting to expand or relocate to Freeman Street Market. Our smallest permanent stall, which measures 3mtrs by 2.2mtrs, costs just £47.05 (including VAT) per week. We have slightly larger units, 3mtrs by 3.5mtrs which cost £61.36 per week and a larger one still, 4.5mtrs by 3.5mtrs which costs £90.04 per week. In addition to the weekly rent there is a quarterly electricity charge and business rates, although currently small businesses are eligible for 100% rate relief.

All stalls have access to our free wi-fi service.

Market Barrows

Our market barrows are the perfect flexible, low cost opportunity for a start up businesses looking to test out an idea, or sell a seasonal product and they look great too.

Prices are fixed at just £12 per day, all in! Nothing else to pay and we’ll even throw in access to our wi-fi, free.


Special Introductory Offer

Take a small stall for just £99 for 4 weeks

Save £89

For more information on our barrows, stalls and shops call us on 01472 356518 or e-mail